On behalf of the Department of Education of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and in agreement with Sardegna Ricerche, the Educational Technology group of CRS4 is in charge of the implementation of the
Tutti a Iscol@ Linea B3 IDEA project.

To carry out the IDEA project, the working group was enlarged with consultants, experts in educational technology, teaching, ICT and management.


Carole Salis

Carole heads the Educational Technology (Edutech) program of CRS4. She is presently the scientific coordinator of the Linea B3 Project (school years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020), a project developed by the Edutech team and financed by the Department of Education of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, through the Cohesion Action Plan. Edutech was entrusted by the “Sardegna Ricerche” Regional Agency to implement it. Carole’s interests focus on internet school communities and problem solving processes. She is experimenting different pedagogical approaches, the most interesting and innovative of which is RIALE (Remote Intelligent Access to Lab Experiment), with IoT and Artificial Intelligence.
Carole regularly publishes papers in journals and conference proceedings on the ICT innovative methodologies for the educational world and in the field of e-Learning.

Giuliana Brunetti

For over 10 years, Giuliana has been involved in activities with schools: she took part in informal science education projects and at CRS4 is responsible for organizing students work-related training activities. Giuliana is presently in charge of all organizational aspects of the experimentation part of the IDEA project, as well as being the key contact for teachers and tutors.

Francesco Cabras

Francesco is an entrepreneur who works in cloud-based software development. He is also a consultant with over 20 years of experience in the field of ICT. Prior to working as a freelancer, he worked in the industry and in the research sectors. At CRS4, he has been involved for a decade in data management and data presentation in the fields of multimedia, health information technology and telemedicine. Francesco is responsible for the development of the IDEA technological platform, for its application to the project experimentation and the use of the educational contents.

Cristian Lai

Cristian has been working at CRS4 since 2000, focusing on ICT, transport, and mobility. Today he works in the field of educational technology and collaborates with several national and international universities. He is involved in fundraising, addressing national and European funding programmes.

Stefano Monni

Stefano is an electronic engineer who teaches Computer Science at the Michelangelo High School in Cagliari. He matured his skills as software developer in different companies and in 2006 he started working at CRS4 on multimedia, mobile web and telemedicine projects. In 2015 he joined the Educational Technology group to develop the “Tutti a Iscol@ Linea B2” project technological platform. For the IDEA Project he deals with mobile app development and technological solutions for the School Without Walls experimental part of the project, manages the Moodle Platform and contributes to the development of the RIALE platform.

Giovanni Moreddu

Giovanni has a degree in computer science. In 2019, he joined the Educational Technology group of CRS4 as a Junior software consultant for the IDEA project. He deals with platform development, testing and maintenance.

Fabrizio Murgia

Fabrizio has been collaborating with the Educational Technology projects for many years. He contributed to writing project proposals and scientific papers. He is also involved with projects dissemination at national and international levels. For the IDEA project he is mainly involved with the experimentation activities.

Maria Pace

Maria has great expertise in supporting both managing authorities and beneficiaries of regional and national programmes financed by Structural Funds and by European investment funds. She deals with the general management and reporting aspects of the financial resources of the project. She also prepares public tenders for the selection of project collaborators and of schools candidates to become the school leader of a cluster of schools

Marco Soddu

Marco has over 10 years of experience of providing technical support to programmes co-financed by European structural and investment funds. He has expertise in complex information systems for managing and monitoring data on the implementation of co-financed operations. For the IDEA project he is involved in monitoring financial procedures and in supporting expenditure reporting.

Daniela Spissu

Daniela has experience as administrative clerk in private companies. She also has experience in designing and implementing educational workshops for schools of all grades. She has e degree in Modern Literature, with a focus on sociology and anthropology. Daniela joined the IDEA project as administrative assistant.

Claudia Vacca

Claudia has a degree in political sciences, a master’s degree in Public Administration and a post-graduate qualification course in Administration and Human Resources Management. Claudia has many years of administrative experience (Assistant manager, records management, support to corporate bodies, project reporting procedures, drafting of calls for tenders, etc). She joined the IDEA team to give administrative support.

Marie Florence Helga Wilson

Marie Florence has been working at CRS4 since 1992 where she held various positions (secretary, librarian, assistant to the ICT programme Director). Since 2014 she collaborates with the Educational Technology programme. For the IDEA project she is responsible for the organisation of conferences on themes related to the project activities. She is also involved in the writing of papers and in translating documents related to the project. Marie Florence is French mother tongue, and fluent in both English and Italian.

Davide Zedda

Davide is a physicist who works as IT teacher in the Giua High school of Cagliari. He has strong interest for research in educational technology. He joined the Educational Technology program of CRS4 to work on the IDEA project. He acted as a bridge between schools and the project, the objective of which is to help teachers use technologies having a good potential to enhance didactic paths. Davide contributed to the development of the RIALE remote laboratory concepts and its related platform. His current educational topics include: Computational thinking, robotics, IoT, databases, web apps, mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence, OOP mainly developed using Microsoft and Arduino platforms.

Giovanni Casu

Giovanni has over 10 years of experience as an ICT consultant. Prior to working freelance, he gained experience working for CRS4 where he dealt with software development for a MIUR project. He then worked in the industry as an ICT consultant. Giovanni has a PhD in in theoretical computer science and continues his collaboration with the University of Cagliari. For the IDEA project, he deals with the development and maintenance of the platform for content fruition.

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